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We are delighted to showcase the artistic talents of the students from Grove Elementary School who participated in the annual Lions Club Peace Poster Contest for 2023. The creativity and thoughtfulness displayed in their entries made the judging process a challenging yet rewarding experience. The quality of the submissions was truly impressive, making it difficult to choose among so many great pieces. Some of the entries are presented below, offering a taste of the incredible artistic expressions of our young talents. We extend our heartfelt appreciation to all the students who contributed to making this year's contest a great success

On Monday 12/4/2023, awards were presented for the winning entries in the Peace Poster contest at the Rise and Shine assembly at Grove School. 

The following students' entries were selected as winners of the contest:

Nelvin Trimble 
Suzy Howle 
Ethan Bray 
Dixie Sanchez 
Elizabeth Hittell
Jaci Miller 


A big thanks to all students who participated in the contest, for their beautiful work, and inspiring vision for a more peaceful world.  

Left to right: Nelvin Trimble, Suzy Howle, Ethan Bray, Dixie Sanchez, Elizabeth Hittell, Jaci Miller, Grove art teacher Summer Proffer Mrs. Summer Proffer 

Left to right: Lions Club president Mitch Wolf, Elizabeth Hittell, Mrs. Proffer

Left to right: Lions Club Peace Poster chair Wendy West, Dixie Sanchez, Ethan Bray, Nelvin Trimble, Mrs. Proffer

Left to right: Mitch Wolf, Dixie Sanchez, Ethan Bray, Nelvin Trimble, Mrs. Proffer

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